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BNM's customers require fully cast traceable and certified components to individual or international standards. We pride ourselves on the fact that our 200,000 kg raw material stock is fully traceable guaranteeing total product compliance.

BNM maintains a comprehensive stock of alloys ranging from carbon and low alloys steels to high performance or exotic stainless steels and Nickel based superalloys some of which are available already upgraded by third party inspection for safety or performance critical applications within the Petrochemical Sector.

Our vast stock enables us to manufacture bespoke fasteners on a rapid basis which enables us to assist both Petrochemical operators and construction engineers to run with minimal disruption and down-time.

Our warehousing and stock system has been designed with rapid material allocation in mind and with our internal PMI analysis testing equipment we are able quickly verify the compliance of all our materials to any bespoke specification.

With such a comprehensive stock of materials we also offer fully traceable sections to engineering companies on a world-wide basis including materials already upgraded and certified according to Norsok, military and Defence standards. We are able to offer any length of material without the application minimum charges usually enforced by larger stock holders.

In addition to our 500 metric tonne stock capability, we have a large number of pre-approved material stockists on offering a Kanban of our more regular requirements which can be procured and machined on an urgent basis.

Our raw material stock includes:

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SA574 4340

SA574 4145


SA-449 Type 3

SA-449 Type 1

SA540 B24

SA540 B23

SA540 B21

SA354 BD

SA354 BC

SA194 7ML

SA194 7L

SA194 7

SA194 16

SA194 4L

SA194 4

SA194 3

SA194 2HM

SA194 2H

SA193 B7M

SA193 B7

SA193 B5