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SA540 B24

SA540 B24 is an alloy-steel that’s practical for use within Nuclear applications.


SA540 B24
4340 Mod.


Alloy Steel

Element Min Max
C (Carbon) 0.37% 0.44%
Mn (Manganese) 0.7% 0.9%
P (Phosphorus) 0.025%
S (Sulphur) 0.025%
Si (Silicon) 0.15% 0.35%
Cr (Chromium) 0.7% 0.95%
Ni (Nickel) 1.65% 2%
Mo (Molybdenum) 0.3 0.4%
Mechanical Property Min Max (to 6 incl.)
Tensile Strength 120 ksi
Yield Strength 0.2 offset 105 ksi
Elongation 15%
Reduction of Area 50%
Hardness (Brinell) 248 HB 311 HB

Applications of SA540 B24 include but are not limited to;
Nuclear Applications and bolting.

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