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Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Offshore

The Oil & Gas/Offshore sector demands many high quality assured products for a broad range of applications. BNM’s products and services are used in many of these 2nd tier applications including lifting, drilling, housing & pumping. Oil & Gas customers receive full materials and processing traceability and certification according to EN10204 3.1 & 3.2.

A common requirement for Petrochemical fasteners is the conformance to NACE MR01-75. Nace compliant fasteners are used in an assembly in sour gas environments where hydrogen sulphides are present. When NACE MR01-75 is invoked BNM automatically performs a series of surface hardness assessments and stress relieving operations to enable certification and conformance to NACE MR01-75 on the EN10204 3.1 material certificate.

In a sour gas environment, Hydrogen atoms diffuse into the alloy steel and gradually combine to form hydrogen molecules thus creating pressure within the structure of the steel. The ductility of the steel is reduced overtime and the steel can eventually crack open from within to allow the escape of the hydrogen molecules and the high pressure that has been building. Hydrogen embrittlement leading to hydrogen induced cracking occurs in high tensile steels but it is generally considered that softer steels are not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement. NACE MR01-75 defines amongst other criteria a maximum hardness of a wide range of alloys. Alloy steels in particular are generally specified at a maximum hardness of 235 HB or 22 HRC.

BNM’s O&G customers receive delivery of their goods ‘just-in-time’ suitably packed and protected for shipping world-wide by either truck, vessel or air with the appropriate certification.

Typical fasteners (Oil, Gas & Offshore):
Hexagon bolt
Hexagon Setscrew
Slotted screw
Engineer’s stud
Necked stud
Socket head Capscrew
Hexagon nut
Lock nut
Slotted nut
Castle nut
Heavy series nut
All metal Prevailing torque nut
Prevailing torque nut (nylon insert)
Stud protector
End cap protector
Swing bolt
U bolt
Anchor bolt
Coupling rod
Spring pin
Pivot pin
Locking pin

Typical machined components (Oil & Gas):
Extension sleeve
tube insert
Piston seal
spacer plate
seat & shim
flange plate
clamp plate

Typical Coatings: (Oil & Gas)
Hot Dipped Galvanising
Chromate Passivation
ASTM B633 Type II

Typical Standards:
NACE MR-01-75
PED 97
PED 23
Norsok MDS M630
Statoil TR3101
AKER Medium Criticality
AKER High Criticality

Typical Testing Services:

Chemical Analysis
PMI Testing
Mechanical Testing
Proof Load
Magnetic Particle MPI
Dye Penetrant DPI
Visual Inspection
Dimensional Inspecton
Metallogragphic Inspection

Typical Standards:
NACE MR-01-75
PED 97/23/EC
Norsok MDS M630

Typical Size Range:
M5 – M120
Maximum Capacity: 12” x 750mm Long
75mm Dia Bar Feed

Typical materials (Oil, Gas & Offshore)

Carbon, Alloy & High Tensile steels:
A193: B7
A193: B7M
A193: B16
A194: Gr 4
A194: Gr 7
A194: Gr 2H
A194: Gr 2HM
A320: L7
A320: L7A
A320: L7M
AISI: 4130
AISIL: 4140
A53 B23
ASTM A540 B23

Stainless steels:
17/4 PH (S17400)
17/7 PH
A193: B8M
A193: B8MCL2
A194: 8
A194: 8M
Duplex (S31803)
Super Duplex (S32760)

Nickel alloys:
Inconel 600
Inconel 625
ASTM B446 N06625 Grade 1
ASTM B446 N06625 Grade 2
BS 3076 NA21
Inconel 718
ASTM B446 N07718
ASTM A1014 N07718
AMS 5663
AMS 5662
ASTM B637 N07750 Type 1
ASTM B637 N07750 Type 2
ASTM B637 N07750 Type 3
Nimonic 80A
ASTM B637 N07080
Nimonic 90
Hastelloy C22
Hastelloy C276