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Nimonic 90

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Nimonic 90
HR 501
HR 502
HR 503

Chemistry of Nimonic 90

Element Min Max
Al (Aluminium) 1% 2%
B (Boron) 0.02%
C (Carbon) 0.13%
Co (Cobalt) 15% 21%
Cr (Chromium) 18% 21%
Cu (Copper) 0.2%
Fe (Iron) 2%
Mn (Manganese) 1%
Pb (Lead) 0.0025%
S (Sulphur) 0.015%
Si (Silicon) 1%
Ti (Titanium) 2% 3%
Mechanical Properties Min Max
Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) 1175 Mpa
0.2% Proof Stress 752 MPa
Elongation 30%
Reduction of Area 47%
Gauge Length 5.65vSo

Uses Of Nimonic 90

Turbine blades,
Ring sections
Hot working tools

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