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The gas turbine and gas turbine repair sector requires perfectly machined components with strict adherence to engineering drawings and evidence that the parts meet the close tolerances and the high quality workmanship required by this demanding application. During manufacturing many “in process” quality controls are applied so that components receive between 200 and 300% inspection before despatch. Balance weighing and grinding is required for balance applications and the ability to measure and sort components on this basis.

The quality of our workmanship and our experience in processing alloys such as Nimonic 75, Nimonic 80A and Nimonic 90 sets BNM above and beyond the capability of our respected competitors.

BNM’s turbine customers receive on time delivery of their goods and in some cases require us to meet very challenging deliveries for rapid overhaul projects. Goods are carefully packed and suitably protected for shipping world-wide by truck and air freight with the appropriate certification.

Typical fasteners & machined components (Gas turbine):

Stator Pins, Stator key rings,
Sealing rings, Sealing tubes, Sealing rings,
Drive Dowels, Dowel-Stator Supports, Hollow Dowels,
Balance Plugs, Balance Screws, Balance weight screws,
Fitted bolts, Bi-hex bolts, 12 point bolts, Ferry head bolts,
Retaining bolts, Bi-Hex nuts, Locking Nuts,
Hex head screws, Collar Bolts, Round nuts, Special nuts,
Socket head capscrews, Expansion joints, Joint rings,
Distance pieces, Location Pins, Support Pins, Locking Pins,
Studs, Stud assembley, Waisted Bolts,
Flame Tube bolts, Thermocouple Adaptors, Keys,
Screwed Bush, Outer Support,
Tapped spacer, Spacer, Bearing Shim Plate, Boroscope Pillar,
Adaptor, Washer, Spring Washer, Spigotted Washer,
Locking Washer, Cheese Head Screw, Coupling bolts

Typical Surface Treatments: (gas turbine)
Balance Weight Management
Nickel plating
Silver plating
Age hardening

Typical Testing Services:
100% Hardness Checks
100% Dimensional Reports
PMI Testing
Mechanical Properties
Proof Load
Magnetic Particle MPI
Dye Penetrant DPI

Typical Size Range:
M2.5 – M120
Maximum Capacity: 12” x 750mm Long
75mm Dia Bar Feed

Typical materials (gas turbine)

Carbon, Alloy & High Tensile steels:
Durehete 900 / Durehete 950 / Durehete 1055
BS 1506 631-850
40CrMoV4-6 (1.7711)
20CrMoVTiB4-10 (1.7729)

Stainless steels:
316 / 316L
321S21 / AISI 321
Jethete M152
X22CrMoV12-1 (1.4923)
X19CrMoNBVN11-1 (1.4913)

Nickel alloys:
Nimonic 75 / Nimonic 80A / Nimonic 90
Inconel 625 / Inconel 718
Incolloy 800 / Incolley 825
NiCr20TiAl (2.4952)