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Space Exploration

The Special Fasteners requirement for the Space Exploration and Satellite sector are precise with strict adherence to specifications and the recording of dimensional data with high quality workmanship. Full material traceability is usually specified from materials originating within the European Union. A prompt delivery is usually required and in some cases prototypes are requested prior to delivery of the bulk. Non-disclosure agreements are also quite common.

The materials selected are those that offer some strength over weight advantage and therefore production methods such as thread rolling is utilised. In addition, like Formula 1 any residual swarf or loose metal chippings are of concern therefore wire or spark eroding operations are sometimes used. Alloys usually range from strain hardened austenitic, super austenitic or duplex stainless steels. Aged hardened titanium alloys are also regularly specified with some nickel alloys in certain circumstances.

Typical fasteners (Space Exploration):
Socket Head Capscrew
Low Head Socket Head Capscrew
Socket Set screw
Hex Bolt
Hexagon screw
Bi Hex Bolt
Lock nut
All metal prevailing torque lock nut
Plain Washer
Spring Washer
Serrated Locking washer

Typical Testing Services:
PMI Testing
Mechanical Properties
Proof Load
Magnetic Particle MPI
Dye Penetrant DPI
Dimensional Inspection

Typical Size Range:
M2.5 – M12

Typical materials (Space Exploration):

AMS 5662 / AMS 5663 (N07718)
AISI 321 / 321S31
ISO 3506 A2-80
ISO 3506 A2-100
ISO 3506 A4-80
ISO 3506 A4-100
Ti Grade 5
Ferralium 255
Uranus B6
Uranus 25L
Uranus S1