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Power & Transmissions

BNM manufactures components for the transmissions of Seafaring vessels, fighting vehicles (FV), recycling or material processing plants and turbines for power plants. Each application has its own level of quality and material traceability but certification to EN10204 3.1 is the lowest requirement and EN10204 3.2 certification is common.

OEM companies require scheduled deliveries with regular rapid or “fast-track” manufacturing with high quality workmanship and offsite Kanban support. Fastener applications are bespoke and are typically low volume which often require a degree of mechanical and non-destructive testing. Our non-production services such as prototyping, reverse engineering and improved design services are also required with material selection advice which is offered free of charge. Our customers also benefit from 42 years of product advice when considering the commercial viability of locking mechanisms for the chosen material given the high vibrational forces.

Special fasteners for power plants repairs are required with “break-down” manufacturing service and delivery in the same day. These special fasteners are usually from legacy material specifications and thread nominations. High quality workmanship is required along with some material verification and non-destructive testing.

Requests for “European only” raw materials and verified copies of original mill certification is are common requests and in some cases, special external inspection authority hosting is requested for some critical items.

Typical products (power & transmission):
Bi-hexagonal bolt and nut
Hexagon bolt
Engineer’s Stud
Necked stud
Locking bolt
Socket head capscrew
Square head bolt
Hexagon nut
Lock nut Slotted nut
Castle nut
Full nuts
Heavy series nut
All metal prevailing torque nut and nylon insert nut
Capnut, Stud protector & End cap protector
Swings bolt
U bolts
J bolts
Locking pin & Locking collar

Typical Testing Services:
Chemical Analysis
PMI Testing
Mechanical Properties
Proof Load
Magnetic Particle MPI
Dye Penetrant DPI

Other Services:
Upset Forging
Heat treatment
Thread Rolling

Typical Coatings: (power)
Hot Dipped Galvanising
Chromate Passivation

Typical materials (power)

Carbon, alloy & high tensile steels:
Grades 8.8
Grades 10.9
Grades 12.9
High Tensile Steel
A193: B16
A193: B7
A194: Gr 7
A194: 2H

Stainless steels:
A193: B6
A193: B8MCL2
A194: Gr. 8
ASTM A453 660
Alloy 20
Duplex (S31803)
Super Duplex (S32760)

Nickel alloys: