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Formula 1

The Formula 1 sector is challenging and is perhaps not for everyone. Its requirements can only be satisfied by engineering companies that are capable of machining and inspecting unusual thread fits and materials on a day to day basis to tight and exact tolerances.

Formula 1 utilises the latest in machining technology and challenges the limits on conventional processes. Parts are typically low volume made from Superalloys and high performance alloys with extra material specifications and are needed on a same day or next day delivery. Dimensional control and inspection reporting is required as is the strict adherence to all details provided. A high level of skilled workmanship is expected as standard. All burrs and sharp edges need to be removed and machining swarf and debris eliminated from parts.

Typical materials (Formula 1):

Inconel 718
Titanium Grade 5
13-8 PH Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steel
Nimonic 80A
185 k High Tensile Steel
High strength Aluminium HP35N
Alloy 20
BS S145
Free Issue Material

Typical fasteners (Formula 1):

Torx Socket head Capscrew
Torx Socket Countersunk Head Capscrew
Hex bolts
Engineers stud
Nut, Slotted Nut
All metal Prevailing torque nut

Typical machined components (Formula 1):
Spacer Stop
End caps
Static spacer
Flow restrictor
Sensor Posts
Mounting pillars
Crank pins
Tapered Plugs

Typical Testing Services:
Chemical Analysis
PMI Testing
Mechanical Properties
Proof Load
Magnetic Particle MPI
Dye Penetrant DPI

Typical Size Range:
M2.5 – M20