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Motor Sport

BNM’s fame for engineering excellence and flexibility has spread far and wide in the area of motor sport and recreational sport utility vehicles. Ordinary OEM parts are sometimes insufficient to withstand the high performance requirements or stresses introduced when vehicles are taken to the extreme.

BNM’s CNC machining plant and professional services attracts unique requirements from the diverse pool of motor sport fanatics, including sporting entrepreneurs, sport club members and race series manufacturers such as Formula Renault and GP2.

Suppliers from various race series require prompt delivery for regular racing parts and full material traceability and a high level of workmanship which sometimes cannot be quantified but is a critical feature of any performance enhancing component. Parts are mostly low volume and the chosen materials tend to be exotic, Superalloys or high performance alloys with excellent resistance to creep and stress rupture and capable of performing at high temperature and applied stresses.

Requirements tend to be unique for a specific project or are ordered as a result of a problem solving exercise. BNM is proud to participate in any motor sport project such as the manufacture of battery terminals for the K1 Evelio prototype which launched at 2011 Goodwood festival of speed.

Typical products (extreme):
Mounting bolt
Piston, Stems & Piston rod
Mechanical Seal
Coupling, Connector & Adapter
Oil plug & Sealing plug
Hexagon bolt and Setscrews
Socket head Capscrew
Hex nut, Lock nut, Slotted nut & Castle nut
All metal prevailing torque nut and nylon insert nut
Round Bar
Manifold flange
Flange bolts & Flange studs
Hex bolts & Hex head screws
Turbo studs, Turbo inlet studs & Turbo lock nuts
Exhaust manifold studs, Manifold bolts
Locating studs & Terminal studs
Power Terminals

Typical materials (extreme):

2S98 & 4S99
160 k High Tensile Steel
316L / B8MCL2
Titanium Grade 5
Metal matrix composites
Nylon & Crossflon
Nimonic 60
Nimonic 80A
Inconel 625 / Alloy 625
Alloy 20

Typical Coatings: (extreme)
Teflon / PTFE / Xylan
Zinc & Chromate Passivation