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Marine Defence

Whilst the equipment for the defence sector whether land, marine, air or orbital is diverse, the requirements from the required fasteners are similar in that the quality and material traceability are of a high level of traceability. The defence sector is traditionally one of BNM strongest sectors and its needs best describes our day to day capability. The defence sector is our “bread and butter”.

Non-disclosure agreements are a pre-requisite for the defence sector which also demands, quick and on-time delivery, a high level of skilled workmanship, verification of dimensional controls and full material traceability with routine chemical, mechanical & non-destructive testing to pre-audited procedures. Items tend to be low volume and based on either established British & international standard or totally unique.

BNM also offers raw materials from stock which have been tested and certified according to defence standards such as Def-Stan 02-862, Def-Stan 02-791, Def-Stan 02-833 & Def-Stan 02-848.

Typical products (defence):
Hexagon bolt and Setscrew
Studbolt, Studs, Engineer’s Stud & Necked stud
Socket head capscrew
Pin, Dowel pin, & Centre pin
Flange bolt, Drawbolt & Fitted bolt
Setscrew & Baffle screw
Hex nut, Lock nut, Slotted nut & Castle nut
Freewheel nut and Locking tab nut
Full nut & Heavy series nut
Washer, Hardened washer & Spacer
Dowel, pin, Driving pin & Plunger
Ring, Taper ring, Bevelled ring, Sleeve & Shim
Adapter & Pressure valve adapter
Coupling & Connector
Plug, Sealing plug & Oil feed plug
Roller, Bush, Boss & Stop
Pump, Lever & Oil cap
Valve Body, Spindle, Valvr Stem & Liner
Clamp plate, Cover plate & Cover
Clutch pin & Gear shaft
Drive shaft & Gear selection shaft
Dipstick assembly
Piston, Piston rod & Piston interlock

Typical Coatings: (defence)
Teflon / PTFE / Xylan
Cadmium / Silver / Gold
Hot Dipped Galvanising
Zinc / Copper
Chromate Passivation
Zinc-Nickel / Zinc-Cobalt

Other Services: (defence)
Upset Forging
Heat treatment
Thread Rolling

Typical Testing Services:
Chemical Analysis
PMI Testing
Mechanical Properties
Proof Load
Magnetic Particle MPI
Dye Penetrant DPI

Typical materials (defence)

Carbon, alloy & high tensile steels:
Tool steel
Case Hardening alloys
AISI 4130 / 4140
Grades 8.8 10.9 12.9
High Tensile Steel
Durehete 900 / 950 / 1055
Def-Stan 02-862 / NES 862 SM1 / SM2 / SM3

Stainless steels:
304 / 316 / A2 / A4
ASTM A453 660
Alloy 20 /Carpenter20
1.4462 / 1.4501
1.4547 / 1.4652

Nickel alloys:
Monel 400 (NA13)
Def-Stan 02-833 / NES 833
Monel K500 (NA18)
Alloy 625 (NA21)
Alloy 718 (2.4668)
Alloy 686 (2.4606)
Alloy 725 (N07725)

Cupro-Nickel alloys:
Monel K500 (NA18)

Brass & Bronzes
Aluminium Bronze
Phosphor Bronze
Aluminium Silicon Bronze
Nickel Aluminium Bronze
Manganese Bronze
Hiduron 191
Hiduron 130
NES 835 / Def-Stan 02-835

Aluminium, Zirconium, Titanium
Non-disclosure agreement