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Restoration (Automotive, Aeronautical & Railway)

Restoration projects are one way in which BNM can fulfill a role within the community although not all projects are local. They are however always unique and customers include industrial heritage groups, museums and individuals all with interesting stories to tell. Designs and thread fits are usually non-standard and a large amount of technical and material selection advice is required of us before an order can be placed.  In some cases, we are given parts to reverse engineer or provide mating parts for.

Typical fasteners (Restoration Projects):
Engineers Stud, Machine Screw, Ferry head bolt
Engineers Stud, Square head bolt, T head bolt
Socket Head Capscrew, Hex Bolt, Bi Hex Bolt
12 point bolts, Fitted Bolt, U bolt, Expansion bolt
Hex Nut, Round Nut, Lock Nut, Dome Nut
Rudder bolt, Wing Bolt, Pan Head screw
Washer, Spacer

Typical machined components (Restoration Projects):
Elevator Joint, Push rod, Torque Rod, Torsion bar
Cylinder head bolts, Rod bolts
Main Stud, Head stud
Boiler hinge pin, Gland Pin
Hex Plug, Pressure plug, Hex head Bushing
Pipe plug, Square head plug, Hexagonal head plug
Round head plug, Flush Bushing
Valve Body, Valve Flange
Gasket, Sealing Ring

Typical Size Range:
M5 – M120
Maximum Capacity: 12” x 750mm Long
75mm Dia Bar Feed

Typical materials (Restoration Projects):

S97 / S98 / S99
Cast Iron
EN16 T / EN19 T
EN24 V
EN26 X

Nickel Aluminium Bronze
Phosphor Bronze
Stainless Steel

Nickel alloys:
Inconel 601
Inconel 625
Incoloy 825
Nimonic 80A