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B348 Grade 5

B348 Grade 5 is the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specification for titanium grade 5 material. Machined components and special fasteners manufactured from B348 Grade 5 have high tensile strength are low in weight and offer reasonable corrosion restance in some environments making them ideal for aerospace use particularly for structural fasteners.  B348 Grade 5 can be age hardened to improve the mechanical properties further which can be utilised for turbines and engine components.


B348 Grade 5



Titanium Alloy

Element Min Max
Al (Aluminium) 5.5% 6.75%
C (Carbon) 0.08%
Fe (Iron 0.4%)
N (Nitrogen) 0.05%
V (Vanadium) 3.5% 4.5%
Ti (Titanium) Balance
Mechanical Property Min Max
Tensile Strength 130 ksi
0.2% Proof Stress 120 ksi
Elongation 10%
Reduction of Area 65%
Gauge Length A4D

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